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  • EVKM in Arizona Republic

    Our Krav Maga and self defense programs were recently featured in an AZ Republic newspaper article! ....

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  • New Name and New Location

    Due to our new location in downtown Phoenix, we have adjust our name from East Valley Krav Maga to EVKM Self Defense & Fitness! Read more here: ....

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  • Active Shooter Defense Seminar

    Krav maga students learn how to take down shooters, terrorists Recently the Krav Maga Alliance founder, John Whitman, visited EVKM Self Defense & Fitness to lead a seminar on defending against active shooters. Read More ....

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  • Senior Instructor Diploma from Israel

    Back from ‘Hogwarts’ of Krav Maga EVKM Self Defense & Fitness Chief Instructor Derrek Hofrichter recently returned from his second training trip in Israel, this time with a Krav Maga Senior Instructor Diploma from the Wingate Institute. Read More ....

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  • Media

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  • ABC15 Krav Maga for Women

    This morning EVKM Self Defense & Fitness was featured on ABC15 in a story on campus safety for women. In the news video, EVKM Instructors Derrek Hofrichter and Ivvette Rios show some self defense moves for women. Visit here to view the news story. ....

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  • Kids Self Defense in Phoenix - EVKM Self Defense & Fitness - Campus Safety Channel 3TV

    Campus Safety Channel 3TV

    EVKM Self Defense & Fitness was on Channel 3 this week to discuss campus safety. To see a video of our demonstrations, visit this link ....

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  • New Kickboxing Schedule

    We've now added morning classes to our Kickboxing program! Check out the schedule page for more details. ....

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  • Holiday Krav Maga Schedule

    EVKM Self Defense & Fitness will be closed December 24th - January 1st for our Holiday Break. Regularly scheduled classes will resume on January 2nd. ....

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  • We Have Moved

    We have moved to a larger facility located at: 1328 E Apache Blvd Tempe, AZ 85281 ....

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  • Krav Maga Level 4 Class

    Now on the schedule is a class for Krav Maga Levels 4 and 5! These classes will cover the Blue and Brown belt material. ....

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  • Closed Dec 24 - Jan 2

    We will be closed from Dec. 24th to Jan 2nd for our Holiday Break! Regular Krav Maga classes will resume on Thursday, January 2nd ....

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  • Choosing Self Defense

    Choosing a Self Defense Program
    When seeking to learn how to defend ourselves, there is no shortage of trainers, dojos, gyms, and classes offering to teach self defense. Here are some things to consider in choosing a self defense program. 1. Pick Your Style: While nearly every martial art or fighting system has self defense benefits, many have goals and objectives beyond merely protecting oneself. Most martial arts fall into the sports fighting category, meaning tournaments, sparring matches, and ultimately rules and procedures that influence the techniques that are taught. True self defense training should be against realistic attacks, and not just attacks from a certain fighting ....

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